The Flexor is a perfect paddle for beginner and intermediate riders, who seek to improve their paddling technique. This 3-section paddle’s shaft is made fully out of glass fiber, that reduces the weight, while the blade is made out of glass reinforced nylon. Thanks to the blade’s large surface, the paddling is more efficient and less tiring. The 2020 version comes equipped with an upgraded pin-lock anti twist clamp and an ergonomic T-style handle. The Flexor is a perfect paddle for everyone looking for a flexible paddle that guarantees maximum performance in all conditions.

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  • UNIQUE BLADE DESIGN - With a unique "wave" pattern integrated in the molded nylon blade, Auqatone sets a new height of paddle blade design. The larger blade of Allstyle and Flexor paddles offers easier and bigger glide.
  • 3-SECTION ASSEMBLY - A lightweight paddle design is applied to the Allstyle entry-level paddle. The 3-section construction is so easy to set up and easy to carry. The paddle can be fully adjusted from 160cm to 220cm.
  • BLADE AND SHAFT - Featuring a full fiberglass shaft and glass filled blade, Flexor provides a balance of stiffness and flexibility. The blade is also designed with a rigid spine positioned in the middle of the blade to speed up the water flow during the stroke.