AZTRON MACH Fiberglass 3-Section Paddle

Aztron Mach is a perfect paddle for those looking for efficiency and endurance, all in a very attractive prize. This model is made out of high-quality fiberglass, which provides more flexibility and is lighter than its aluminum equivalents. Thanks to the 3 section regulation system, the Mach’s length can be adjusted to fit the user’s personal preferences and also allows it to be stored and transported very easily. Entry level paddlers will find this model very fitting as it offers a perfect balance of efficiency and control in a budget-friendly technology.

99,17 лв.

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  • Reinforced glass filled nylon blade
  • Fiberglass shaft for flexibility and lighter weight
  • Adjustable 2-piece fiberglass shaft with uni-directional carbon shaft
  • Anti-twist locking system
  • Ergonomic handle with non-slip rubber inserts 3-section paddle and adjustable from 165-220cm