AZTRON SOLEIL Xtreme Touring 12'0" WINDSUP

Versatility is what SOLEIL is all about. This innovative SUP board features an integrated mast base, which allows you to attach a sail and swap paddling for windsurfing. Because of its pointed nose and performance oriented outline, the board is more suited for advanced riders. The latest model utilizes a Double Double Technology (Double Chamber plus Double Layer Fusion) which greatly reduces the board’s weight while making it extremely stiff and durable. The optimized board size and volume guarantee safety and comfort which makes using Xtreme Soleil even more fun. Whether you want a SUP, windsurfing board or a comfortable kayak – Soleil’s got it all.

1 165,83 лв.

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  • Double Chamber construction for safety and extra stiffness
  • Double Layer Fusion technology on drop-stitch fabric reduces weight by 25% and increase stiffness of 30%
  • Stunning digital printing technique makes the SOLEIL collection one of the most impressive in the range
  • 5mm diamond grooving EVA footpad for maximum grip and ultimate comfort
  • Integrated tail kick pad ensures responsive turn
  • Mast foot insert for windsurf option
  • 8+1+1 D-rings for multiple usages and kayak seat attachment
  • Integrated front bungee system for easy gear access
  • Multiple grab handles provide comfort and easy transport
  • Double fin set up. 9-inch US-box reinforced nylon center fin
  • Ready-to-Go Accessory Pack: including 10' coil leash, double action pump, STYLE aluminum adjustable paddle and 135L SUP gear backpack


With the Double Chamber Technology, Aztron redefines the safety standards of the inflatable stand-up paddle board industry. Two features mark the difference: the separate inner chamber ensures 50 percent buoyancy of the total board floatation, therefore guaranteeing the rider safety in case anything happens on the water. The added chamber features an integrated construction with extra air pillars and sidewalls placed in the standing area, which is most critical to an iSUP and gives the board 30 percent more stiffness. With the Aztron Double Chamber construction, it makes the rider feels just like paddling on a hard board. Aztron applies the Double Chamber technology on all of their air boards.